I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to my iPhone, but if there was an Apple rehab centre – I’d certainly be a live-in resident.   Imagine my dismay of learning this week that iPhone 5 is now likely to be released in September.  This breaks the cycle of June/July releases for every iPhone handset to [...]


There was a little online excitement earlier today as a curious little video was posted onto YouTube – then very swiftly removed – showing parts for what appeared to be an as-yet unreleased iPhone.   It was uploaded by Global Direct Parts, and showed some components on an unrecognisable iPhone, prompting wild speculation on its origin [...]


Users of the Facebook app for iPhone and iPod touch will be happy to know that it’s been updated. There are no ‘completely new’ features on board that we’ve seen, but welcome improvements include numerous bug fixes and a couple of UI enhancements. Experiencing crashes of the Facebook app on an iPhone or iPod touch? [...]

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