Facebook has successfully launched the video chat service to the social networking site with Skype. Though Skype is powering the video calls, but the app is installed directly in the Web browser and requires no other programs to download. So the users are only a click away from using the video calling page


Facebook has 750 million users and since Skype has only 170 million users it’s quite understandable that Skype gains with this integration. But on the other hand, since Skype is owned by Microsoft it gives them a sense of stability that they are going to be with a company that they can trust. So, it’s a win win for both the companies.


Well with the new service launched Zuckerberg revealed that 4 billion things are shared on a social network every day at an exponential rate, which justifies Zuckerberg’s comment “The world generally believes that social software will be everywhere and it will only be a matter of time before it reaches billions of people, whether through us or through someone else.”


Though Skype’s CEO Tony Bates told press reporters and bloggers at the event launch in California that other features are on their way, but the question is with its initial launch will Facebook’s video chat that enables one to one chat will be able to compete with Google+ Hangouts which allows 10 people to connect with one another at any time? Though Zuckerberg tried to pass of the missing feature saying that group chat in Skype is seldom used, but in reality will this group chat feature in Google+ Hangout will help Google to win the race in terms of users?


Though Facebook’s video calling supports Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer on Windows, Mac and Linux OS but it doesn’t work on the pre-released version of Mac OS X. Though Facebook’s video calling is blocked on Mac OS X Lion browsers but it can be enabled in the following way.


Well another limitation is that if you have a Facebook account and your friend has a Skype account, you can’t use Facebook video chat to communicate. Even Facebook video chat doesn’t run on mobile phones yet.


Let us know your thoughts below.

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